Quinn Fabray

“Year by year I learn more about myself, and I think that confidence and honesty and just really being true to yourself is probably the most beautiful thing that you can do for yourself and the people around you.”

Presents for Quinn


It’s our first Christmas together… It’s kind of awesome when you think about it. These last few months with you have been incredible and I don’t think I’ve ever really been happier. I really hope this isn’t the last one we spend together. 

I’m awful with words, but this is the best I can do. I wish I could write you a really long, awesome love letter, but I can’t, at least without using made up words a bunch. 

I love you more,

Cooper Benjamin Anderson

P.S. I know you always wear your cross, but I thought this would look really pretty on you and you could always think of me when you wear it.

P.S.S. That dress is gonna look really prettyful on you when we go out on dates.

P.S.S.S. Hi.




[Gift card worth $50]


  • Cooper! I don’t even know what to say…this is all so much. Thank you, though. I love you so much.
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Merry Christmas, Cooper.

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I'm so glad that you liked your present :D <3

Yes! Thank you so much! Did you have a good Christmas??

A present for one Quinn Fabray


I miss you! Are you in New York with Cooper for Christmas? Or spending any time with your mom? I would really like to see you. Though since I don’t know when I’ll see you I thought i’d send this. I do hope I catch you at school. If not it’ll be waiting for you when you get back… It’s not something store bought it’s a scrapbook of our friendship over the years. Your one of my best friends Quinnie even though we’re so far a part right now.


Brittany xx

p.s there’s a little something cooper might like as well in the package. I hoped I got your sizes right. If not I got a gift receipt so you can exchange it if it’s not.


  • THANKS BRITT!!! <3 <3 <3 Merry Christmas!
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